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An interview with Luke from Fish 'n Trips

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Luke Burns, a.k.a S.E.T.H/Sinister Sequence, label owner of Fish 'n Trips Records, recently took the time to answer a few questions for us. Here goes:

-For those who are unfamiliar with the label, how did Fish 'n Trips Records find its' origins?

Fish 'n Trips was spawned from online communication with other producers via the internet. In 2009 my focus was on the Sinister Sequence project and at the time I got talking with Ben Atomgrinder; we shared a lot of music together on a now defunct forum called GZP or ground zero projects. The whole aim of the website was to earn points for listening to other peoples music, commenting on it and uploading your own music. Essentially the site was about community and finding other similar artists to share with.

At the time I was also shopping both S.E.T.H and Sinister Sequence music to other labels with very little success. I found most labels to be really Niche in their sounds, often citing style as a reason for not being included. It seemed most psy labels had a narrow-minded agenda of sounds but I also appreciated the notion that many labels' success is born from this technique of selection. This type of approach is what made labels like Zenon, Timecode or Noise Poison. While these are all top quality labels they also all have a particular style you can more or less rely on.

You cant rely on Us though :)

We are people with psychedelics... We can sometimes let you down. That's the origin, more or less. Fish 'n Trips emerged from an online community of people who stuck together, promoted each other, listened to each other and enjoyed psychedelic culture.

One day it just dawned on me to pull all the stuff i liked online together into one "product", give it a funky name then get on with the business side of releasing it.

-What does the future hold for FnT?

I lost my psychic abilities during my insitutionalized dances with olanzapine and risperedone. Sorry i can no longer tell you what the future holds :)

-Your first experience with psytrance?

Earthdance 2000, South of Sydney on some river, on some acid, off my face. Time of my life I'd never forgot if only i could remember!!!

-The best advice you can share on operating a successful label?

Ask someone who owns a successful label,or ask me again in 2019. If I can sustain this for ten years, then I'll call it a success!!!

Probably the best advice i can offer to other aspiring label owners like myself who aren't let down by my initial answer is to be genuine, humble and open ended. For me the label was always more about supporting artists then it was promoting the best artists in the world. They didn't need my help, I can concede that FNT's music isnt the best in the world right now, but who knows, many of the crew are beggining to create some really good opportunities for themselves.
Fish 'n Trips is a vehicle for opportunity rather than a final destination or pinnacle of success so people are attracted to that, it feels attainable, holistic and sustainable. While we might have all started as other label's rejects, nearly the whole crew are now sought after by other labels too; This is only strengthing the Fish 'n Trips resolve to keep going.

-What albums/tracks are on highest rotation at FnT HQ at the moment?

Good Question!!

I'm loving SPUNJE, TRON SEPIA, BOOM NASHA, FUNKADELICASY, SATORI, ATOMGRINDER, DAUTRON, as well as a lot of fast, hi tech stuff. Slightly above 150 bpm and the name "hi tech" says it all. I also cant go past artists like Furious or Terrornoize. Just really futuristic sounds and productions this world is lucky to be able to listen to. Thank science for audio metaphysics 'cos without it, this music from another dimension would never get here!!!

Headquaters very rarely communicates with me though, especially since they dropped me on this alien air breathing planet, so Im not sure what they are listening to. My computer says since my insertion the most played tracks in the fishy solar system are....


S.E.T.H - My Bleeding Mortality

S.E.T.H vs Hedonix - Thought Loops

S.E.T.H vs Paul Kearney - Harmonium

S.E.T.H - Opposed chaoss (pre master)

S.E.T.H -Intimate vibrations (stunner mix)


But this is only due to the fact that S.E.T.H tracks have been in rotation the longest; and remember, these results dont take into account census information. HQ doesnt share that info with us, they always asked we go on our intuition.

S.E.T.H will be playing at Slice: Nexus; 26th of August 2011 at My Aeon in Brunswick. Cheers for taking the time to answer our questions, Luke!

Slice presents: NEXUS

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SLICE EVENTS presents:

NEXUS @ My Aeon, 791 Sydney Road, Brunswick

Date: Friday, 26th of August 2011


Those crazy cats at Slice are back again, pulling out all stops for a psychedelic stomp-a-thon at Brunswick's My Aeon.

Showcasing the many moods of modern psy-trance production, Nexus will take you on a tour of 8 artist's minds as they tell stories from the furthest reaches of human perception.


Featuring our ever-growing collection of lighting and décor, Nexus aims to facilitate a transformative journey and a warm social environment to meet friends both new and old.



-Loose Unit

-Psychoacoustic Vision





-Book of Changes


Slice presents: OMNI EAR

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SLICE CREW presents:




@ Miss Libertine

34 Franklin Street, Melbourne VIC 3000


Date: Thursday, 14th July 2011


Slice is proud to present Omni Ear, a night of live electronica, mind bending beats and visual delights to tantalise your ears, eyes and mind. A journey through genres fit for the most lysergic doofing environment, all housed within the friendly surrounds of Miss Libertine in Melbourne's CBD. Cheap drinks and great food abound.




The Scullamooks (100% live psy/dub/prog/funky/house)

Sikander (Live)

Shifty Gypsies

Random Lamb

Fate Æffect



Décor by Dreamistree:


Door: Free before 8:30pm, $5.00 entry

click here for the Facebook event page >

Slice @ Lounge

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SLICE presents...


Slicing through the beats II


Sunday 12th of June, 8pm-4am

@ The Lounge - 243 Swanston Street, Melbourne CBD

$10 entry


Slice are at it again, this time bringing a smashing lineup of genres ranging from deep techno and house, electro, glitched-out beats and all-time party favourites to keep you up and dancing 'til the wee hours of the morning.

Set in the surrounds of The Lounge on Swanston Street, we have the pleasure to present this night of audio delicacies with a complement of top-quality lighting effects, projections and an ample smoking area with a lovely view of all the action inside.


Joining us on the night to get everybody moving are:


Closer Apart






Ash Verschuur [UK]




Input Ouput


The Puppeteers


Shifty Gypsies


Random Lamb


Set times:

10pm The Puppeteers

11pm Aerobiotic

12am Kultran

1am Ash Verschuur

2am Closer Apart

3am Input Output

4am Viajero

5am Random Lamb

6am Shifty Gypsies

Our debut night: "Slicing through the beats"

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The Slice Crew proudly presents their debut night,






The night will traverse through realms of tech, prog, minimal and psy trance at a superb venue with lounge, courtyard area & a great sound system!


So prepare yourselves for a massive night of live n’ local Psychedelic electronica!




Shifty Gypsies (Highly Evolved)


Stickleback (Tempest)


Aerobiotic (Beatgeek)


Syncron (PZP)


Garagee (Tempest)




Entatic (Krew Klan)


Fate Æffect (Tempest)


Random Lamb (Krew Klan)


Kieran James (Highly Evolved)


Décor by Dreamistree


$10 Entry, $15 with a CD

Music starts 10PM, Stops 7AM

My Aeon, 791 Sydney Rd, Brunswick 3056


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